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Month: March, 2011

Beaver Cleaver

Beaver Cleaver

Melissa is a very well-coiffed young lady.

“I’m definitely a girly-girl. I like to go shopping and get my hair and nails done. I enjoy dressing nice and putting on make-up. But I’m not so high maintenance that I can’t go out dressed casually or without any make-up on. But you’ll never see me out in public looking bummy in pajamas or anything, that’s for sure!”

Do you groom your pussy too?

“Yes, I get it waxed. It doesn’t hurt at all, either. In fact, I think it feels really good to get waxed.”

What do you like about getting your twat waxed?

“Aside from having a smooth pussy with hair that doesn’t grow back for weeks, I enjoy the physical feeling of being waxed. I’m not a slut for pain or anything, but it feels especially awesome when I get my asshole waxed. Also, the girl who waxes me is this really hot Colombian girl. When I pull down my panties and show her my pussy I get butterflies. And when she touches my pussy I get chills all over. She’s so sexy. I wish that one day while she was waxing me she’d slip a finger inside my pussy, or better yet, lick my clit. I’d love it, but I understand that she can’t because she has to be professional with clients.”

Beaver Cleaver

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Super Huge Boobs

Emily knows what boys like – boobs! All she’s got to do is pull her shirt down over her breasts and it makes her look like she has huge boobs! Then Emily takes off all of her clothes, and starts to get down to business! Buck naked, on the couch, legs spread, fingers in pussy…. She’s rubbing her pussy, masturbating in a way that you never knew women masturbate! It’s beautiful to watch women masturbate!

Suds and Cum

Suds and Cum

What’s going on here, Sasha?

“I wash cars for my summer job. I want to save up to go to Europe. I guess this guy just couldn’t contain himself when he saw me dripping wet, bending over to scrub his car. He came over to talk to me, and I could see that his cock was hard through his pants.”

What made you decide to fuck this guy?

“It was a hot summer day, and I was all wet and wanted to play. I’m always horny. And when I see a guy with a hard-on it makes me even hornier. My pussy got wet when I saw his cock, so I knew we were gonna fuck. Who says you can’t work and play at the same time?”

Are you going to be getting any more summer “work” from this guy?

“I’m sure I’ll be getting all kinds of work from him. He told me he wants me to come back and clean some stuff in his house. I think I’ll wear my little French maid outfit and forget to wear panties that day. I’m sure I’ll get a really nice, hard tip that day. Did I mention that I love my summer job?”

Suds and Cum

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Finger Masturbation by Anna

Anna from Yanks.com likes to get off one way and one way only when she’s masturbating…. With her fingers!

Oh, she has all of the sex toys one can imagine, but there is nothing she likes more than masturbating with her fingers, touching herself in the places that no man can ever touch her!

This Yanks.com babe loves to show off on video how she masturbates too! Watching women masturbate on video is always hot!

Masturbation Work Out

molly evans work out masturbation

Molly Evans likes two things – working out and masturbating. The two have got to be connected. Once she gets on one of those exercise machines, mounts it, and starts pumping away…. It just turns her own, makes her pussy wet… And a once her pussy is moist, that urge comes over her and she just needs to get off….. She pulls down her top, plays with breasts and her nipples, then she slides her hands down to her magic spot…. Down her pants, past her panties, to her clit. Any moment now she’s gonna be ripping off the rest of her clothes so she can properly masturbate herself with her fingers!

Sexy Elise Fingering Herself

Elise from Yanks.com likes to hang out at the Masturbating Lounge… She’s got no problems with getting naked on her bed and playing with her snatch, masturbating, until she cums… She calls this her “magic fingers”!

Finger Fucking

London looks right at home masturbating with her finger right up her pussy like this…. One finger in her snatch getting her off, and the other hand on her breasts helping to get her off! She needs a little bit more than just a finger to get her off when she is masturbating – she needs to feel like someone is touching her! And playing with her breast while she’s fucking herself with her finger seems to be just the right trick!

For London, fingering herself is better than when she masturbates with her pocket rocket! It’s something about how her finger can slide up inside of her and curve just right! No matter – London loves masturbating, be it with her fingers or her favorite vibrator!

Two Women Masturbate

A woman using her fingers to get off on her own is a beautiful thing. Some women use their fingers to masturbate on a weekly basis, while some woman are just plain horny and masturbate much more often. And sometimes when women are overly horny, they like to experiment and they like to experiment with their girlfriends.

When two women get together to masturbate with each other it’s a beautiful sight!

Janessa and Jewles were both on Yanks.com earlier, but only one at a time. They were good friends already and when they shared their stories about how they masturbated on camera for Yanks.com, they knew they had to do it together!

Bikini Babe Masturbates

Usually chicks can just snap their fingers and get laid. Not poor Ashlee Breann. Seem she cannot find herself a man no matter what she does! But that’s not about to stop her – not when she has her fingers to take care of her sexual needs!

Ashlee Breann was just out of the shower when that moment hit. She was wearing her favorite, and she knew she had to get off. She had time before she had to meet her friends so she decided she had enough time to get do a little magic with her fingers… She loves to masturbate! She pulled her perky teen fuck breasts out of her sexy pink bikini, hiked her up bikini bottom exposing her teen pussy, and started to play with her pussy with her fingers!

She was hoping to get some attention at the pool, but now that she had the chance to masturbate…. She won’t be nearly as desperate!

Angela Masturbates

Angela must be in high demand. Take a good solid look at her; She’s all boobs! You know she gets a lot of attention! But still she likes nothing more than get naked on her own and do what just comes natural, You know, with her fingers! All chicks like to masturbate with their fingers so why should Angela be any different?

She knows exactly how to do do it too. Angela knows how to masturbate with her fingers! One finger to play with the top of her clit, and another finger in her pussy! She’ll get off quickly! She always does when she masturbates with her fingers!