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Month: April, 2011

Fucking For You

Fucking For You

Jessie! You were a virgin in the Jan. ’11 issue. You obviously aren’t one anymore!

“Nope. I’m fuckin’ now! I know last time I said I wasn’t in a rush to lose it, but it was like posing naked for your magazine stirred something up inside of me. I felt hornier than I ever had before, and I knew it was time for me to lose my virginity. And now that I’ve popped my cherry, I want to fuck on camera so the guys who read your magazine can see it and jerk off to it.”

So you get off on guys watching you?

“Yeah, that’s why I’m taking these pictures! I want guys to see me fucking and jack off ’cause of it. I want them to enjoy my pictures, ’cause I enjoyed taking them!”

How was losing your virginity?

“Awesome. I’ve never felt so filled up. And I was surprised at the things that came out of my mouth. I kept telling him how good his hard dick felt inside of me and to fuck me hard.”

Fucking For You

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Barely turned 18 and already doing xxx chat shows

We don’t understand what’s up with all these sexy teens entering our live xxx cams adult nude chat online community during these past weeks, but you should feel free to spy on their teen fuck teen fuck fuck tease shows if curious. For instance, one of these sexy teens doing teen fuck teen fuck fuck tease sessions presently is SunnyBaby18, the innocent-looking girl in the photos. Whenever she’s on live xxx cams she acts all naive and stuff, but we suspect that she’s really one of the kinkiest sexy teens who’s only putting up an act with her teen teen fuck fuck tease. If you have some experience with live xxx cams and the chicks behind the camera, you’ll most likely get to have a lot of fun with her in xxx cam chat.

Tiny Pussy, Big Dick

Tiny Pussy, Big Dick

“I love to get my pussy eaten. It drives me crazy. If a guy eats me out I’ll do anything he wants. And I love it when he tells me how good my pussy tastes. It makes me so wet, and it makes me want to suck cock really bad.” Tara didn’t just tell us this, she proved it, too. After her fuck-buddy laps her slit for a while she goes to town on his cock, sucking the head hard, licking his balls, spitting all over it and making sure to jack it, too. “Can I feel this dick in my pussy?” she asks. Tara rides his cock while gyrating her hips and giving lots of “Oohs” and “Aahs.” She works his rod nice and hard, and as a reward she gets a big load on her face.

Tiny Pussy, Big Dick

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Finding Her G-Spot

Finding Her G-Spot

What’s up with that book you’re looking at, Isabella?

“It’s a sex book! It has all kinds of dirty pictures in it. Like, really close-up and detailed pictures of vaginas and penises. I felt so naughty looking at it, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. My boyfriend was also pretty interested in it, too. There’s something in there about the G-spot. I wasn’t sure I knew where mine was, so my boyfriend offered to help me find it… with his big ol’ dick, of course!”

So he started fucking you right away?

“No. We fooled around first. I sucked his cock and he went down on me. He said he could feel my G-spot with his finger!”

So has this revelation made your sex life better?

“It was always good, but I do like knowing what’s going on down there! Now that I learned a little about sexual anatomy, I think the sex I have with my man is always good because his cock is shaped in the perfect way to hit my G-spot!”

Finding Her G-Spot

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Barely Bushy

Barely Bushy

Heather! You didn’t have that bush when we saw you in the Jan. ’10 issue. What’s up with that?

“I wanted to try something different so I grew out my pubes. I didn’t want a huge bush, just a little something, so I only grew out the top part. I still shave around my pussy lips and asshole. To me, those parts should always be hair-free so you can feel a guy’s hot tongue running all over your naughty bits.”

What do people think of your new pube ‘do?

“The guys who have seen it think it’s cute. I think most guys don’t mind a little bit of hair as long as it’s not growing crazy all over the place. Then again, there are guys who like that, too. I had one guy who asked me to grow out my entire bush. I did it for a while, but I really prefer to be shaved. I figure what I have now is a happy medium. You’d be surprised how much more sensitive your pussy is when it’s shaved. And honestly, I like the shaved look way better. With lots of pubes, you can’t see the pussy that much. And mine is pretty so I want to make sure you can see the sexy, pink bits!”

Barely Bushy

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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Hello, Gigi. And happy birthday! Are you excited about finally turning 18?

“Thank you! And of course I’m excited. It’s like, a big deal! I’m a legal adult now. I celebrated by having a big birthday bash. And the best present I got was getting my cherry eaten and popped by a cute guy. We snuck off for a little while to fool around, and I told him that when I blew out the candles on my cake I wished that he would give me my first fuck ever. So he did. That’s the best thing about being the birthday girl. You get whatever you want!”

We see that you’re pretty flexible. Do you show that off when you fuck?

“Yes, every guy knows that that’s one of the perks of dating a cheerleader. I’ve been cheerleading and dancing for years, so I can do splits like they’re nothing. The guys go crazy when I straddle their cocks. And they can twist me into a lot of crazy positions while we fuck. It keeps things interesting.”

You haven’t been fucking that long though. How do you like it so far?

“It’s great. After that first time on my birthday I knew it was the start of an addiction! Now I have sex almost every day. And even though I’ve only recently started having sex, I feel like I’m already a freak. I am trying all kinds of new things, and I like just about everything that I try. And so much more is still in store for me!”

Birthday Surprise

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Webcam teens are my secret fetish

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All day long she’s waiting for a sex instructor

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Video Virgin Can’t Wait

Video Virgin Can't Wait

Skinny, little Josie says she’s nervous about her first time being on camera, but she could’ve fooled us. She seems pretty comfortable tweaking her pink nipples and slowly stripping off every article of clothing. “I can’t wait to play with my pussy,” she says. “I bet your cock is getting so hard.” Josie continues talking dirty while stroking her shaved slit, and eventually cums hard while stuffing her twat with a toy. You’ll love this teenie’s fresh look, little tits and pretty pussy. She’s pretty good at putting on a show for your cock, too!

Video Virgin Can't Wait

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She is the petite princess of your wildest dreams

All of us have our own preferences when it comes to chicks and this why we would like to present one of the barely legal teen fuck girls stripping on our xxx live webcams free chat website. LexyKiss is one of the young nude girls who likes free teen fuck fuck sex with strangers on video chat virtual communities simply cause she’s a nasty little whore and has started her first session with all the other teen girls live in free teen fuck fuck sex chat here. Unlike the majority of young nude girls in teen fuck girls chat, LexyKiss is always horny and that’s the reason why you’ll get to have plenty of fun with this cute bitch. We think it is safe to say that she’s among the prettiest young nude girls available for free teen fuck fuck sex right now. Just look at those tiny feet.