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Month: October, 2011


Sexy Slutty Porn Girl who loves to play in from of her camera for Daddy.


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Hello! Most of you already know who I am. :))) I guess I do pretty good shows because I get Emails everyday. Some of those comments make my day. Reading that somebody came 3 times while watching my show… Oh boy, thats like getting an Oscar !! LOL So Thank you guys!


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hello guys i,m back i missed you all guys come and lets have fun visit me in my pvt room i waiting for you

I need a handyman

I need a handyman

Hey, Mercedes. Welcome back. The last time we saw you was in the June ’10 issue. What have you been up to since then?
“I just started taking a woodshop class at the college I go to. But I’m not really doing it because I’m interested in it. I’m going mostly because my friend told me that there are a ton of hot guys in there who are more than willing to help you out on your projects. And boy, was she right! There are so many hotties in my class that I leave with wet panties every day. And these guys aren’t just hot, they’re good with their hands, too. So even if I didn’t fuck them, they could probably come to my house and fix stuff!”

But the million dollar question is, have you fucked any of them yet?
“No, I haven’t, but I want to. Although I have been naughty in the workshop! I stayed late one day to work on something, and everyone left. I started getting in the mood because I was thinking
about all the hot guys in my class. So I ended up taking off all my clothes and masturbating there in the workshop. I don’t know what came over me. I guess I was just really horny! I almost got caught, too! A janitor came in for a minute, so I hid until he was gone.”

I need a handyman

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Little Bo Peep’s Pussy

Little Bo Peep's Pussy

Trick or treat! We’ve got something special for you just in time for Halloween. Raven is decked out as Little Bo Peep, and she’s giving you a peek of her shaved pussy and flat chest before heading off to a Halloween party. “I bought this outfit to impress this guy,” she said. “I knew he was going to be at this costume party, so I went out and looked for the sexiest outfit I could find. This one was my favorite because pink is my favorite color, and it matches the color of my pussy. Hopefully my crush will want to see both shades of pink tonight.” Stay tuned all week for more Halloween-related posts!

Little Bo Peep's Pussy

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Let’s Play

Let's Play

Hey, Louisa. Are you excited to be starting a new year of school?
“Yes, totally. I’m 18, I’m a senior and I’m going to make sure that this is the best year ever. For the first three years of high school I was kind of a nerd. I kept to myself, didn’t try to dress nice and I didn’t have many friends. Well, I’m through with that. I want to be popular. I want the cool girls to want to be friends with me, and I want the guys to want me. This year, I’m making it happen.”

How do you plan to become the most popular girl at school?
“I got a makeover during the summer, and I lost weight. Now that school has started I’ve been more outgoing. I talk to everyone. And I’ve even made the moves on a couple of guys. For a long time I studied
what the popular girls did to be popular, and I realized that besides looking pretty and dressing nice, they were all kind of slutty. So I’ve given a few blow jobs to the right guys-the captain of the football
team and our class president. Word is starting to spread that I’m talented with my mouth. Now people are starting to get more curious about me. Right before I graduate, I’m going to put this magazine in the football captain’s locker. After that I’m sure people will be really interested in me!”

Let's Play

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