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Month: September, 2017

Chocolate Pussy Pudding

The love has to be shared right? I got myself a lot of┬áhardcore action from the Black Valley Girls discount of 40% off. They’re selling those for $14.95. Yearly subscribers get an even cheaper deal.

It’s pretty damn rough, let me tell you. Not trashy, but certainly no attempt at being classy. The emphasis is on fucking and they go at it full-tilt. They showcase plenty of interracial action in some really cool porn scenes. The quality is good, the content is decent and I’m a fan of the genre. It wasn’t a tough call for me.

Honestly, I had this fling a few years back with this gorgeous ebony that I still have no idea how I managed to even get a go at and she was into some downright kinky shit. This pic reminded me so much of the threesome she actually initiated after some beers and cards. Good times.