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Applying For The Position

Applying For The Position

This little cutie is about to become a working girl. Meet Ali. She’s new to 18eighteen and new to the job market, too. She’s a student and soccer player who’s been looking for part-time work. “I’d been applying for jobs like crazy, but no place was calling me back. I know the economy has been bad, but sheesh! Luckily my older sister got me an interview at the office she works at. I was so nervous; I was about to pop my interview cherry!” The position was for a customer service rep, and Ali prepared by buying a cute, little outfit for the occasion. “I figured since I don’t have work experience, I can at least impress them by dressing nice. My legs and butt are my best features, so I dressed to show them off. I bought these cute heels and this tight skirt that totally hugs my ass. When I first met the guy interviewing me, he totally gave me the once over. I was still kind of nervous at first, but then I started to relax as things got more friendly between us.”

Ali got a better position than the one she applied for. And that was practically naked on all fours on her potential boss’s desk! How the hell did that end up happening, you ask? “The guy interviewing me noticed my outfit and complimented me on it. So I stood up and turned in a circle so he could check me out. The vibe between us was super flirty, so I just went with it. At one point he asked me how he could be sure that I would be a good employee. I told him that I do whatever it takes to get the job done, and I always aim to please. I uncrossed my legs and let him see my panties, then I got up and sat on his desk. I told him that if our interview hadn’t convinced him yet, maybe this would. And I totally took off my top. Then my skirt. I crawled up on the desk and put my tits in his face like I’ve seen strippers do in movies.”

“I asked him if he wanted to see my little shaved kitty.” Before interviewing, Ali made sure to shave every inch of her body. “I like to be prepared, because you never know what could happen!” It was a smart move considering that hours later she was face down and ass up in a stranger’s office. “He was really impressed with my smooth pussy. In fact, when he saw it he told me I was hired! I was so happy that I put my butt in his face. He started massaging my buttcheeks, and I told him he should get a closer look at my shave job. That’s when he started eating my pussy and fingering it. There I was on my stomach on top of my new boss’s desk getting my pussy eaten from behind. My sister would kill me if she found out that’s how I got the job! But fuck it. It was totally hot and so worth it to fool around with him.”

Ali is loving her new job. “The boss and I have been fucking ever since that interview. What I especially like is when he licks my butthole. Sometimes I’ll be working, and I’ll totally drift off in a daydream thinking about how good it feels and when the next time we’re going to fuck is gonna be. And nobody knows what’s going on, not even my sister! I like having a dirty, little secret like that. It makes me feel naughty.”

Applying For The Position

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