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Audrinna, If we told you that you have a great ass would you hold it against us?

“[Laughs] I see what you did there. I wouldn’t just hold it against you…I’d sit on your face and jiggle it until you got horny!

Did you know that I can make my ass clap?

I can also move each cheek individually. I used to be a gymnast so that’s how I’m able to do ass tricks. Gymnastics is probably why I have a nice bubble butt, too. It’s firm but still has just the right amount of jiggle.”

Do you like to get it up your butt?

“That’s a little crazy. I don’t do anal. I tried it before but it was too much. Just fuck me in my pussy, please! I don’t mind getting my salad tossed though. That feels good. If I’m feeling frisky I like anal fingering, too. But for now my tight, little asshole is off limits for cocks. But I might make an exception for a small one.”


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