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Au Naturel

Au Naturel

Chastity, you look like such a sweet girl. But we know you’re not…

“Shhh. Don’t tell anyone! My innocent look is why guys like me. I know some guys like slutty-looking girls, but lots of guys also like sweet girls like me. Sometimes it’s good when a girl doesn’t wear much make-up or dress too fancy or sexy. I may look like a virgin, but I’m so not! The truth is that I love to have sex all the time. I also watch a lot of dirty movies, too. They give me inspiration for when I have sex. I really think watching dirty movies has made me better at sex and oral.”

Where do you get these dirty movies?

“I get them from my neighbour. He has a pool, and I don’t, so sometimes he lets me swim in it. And he’s paid me to clean his house as a summer job. That’s when I found his porno stash. I totally took some of the videos home. When I watched them, I got so horny. So I got the idea to watch them while I have sex. It worked great because my guy and I really got into it. If you think watching dirty movies makes you horny when you’re alone, you should try doing it with someone else! And whenever the people in the porno would do something, we would try it ourselves. It was so fun and adventurous. It made me feel all grown up!”

Your neighbour isn’t pissed that you steal his pornos?

“Nope! I was kind of worried about that the first time I took some DVDs and magazines of his, but he never said anything to me about it. In fact, I think it kind of turns him on that I take his pornos! He probably masturbates to the idea of me masturbating to his stash. A lot of the girls in his videos and magazines look like me: young and with little boobs. I think as long as I come over to his house to clean and play in his pool he doesn’t care what I do. And I have a confession. The other day I took off my top while I was in his pool. I just wanted to see what would happen. I can’t say for sure that he saw me, but I think he did. The next time I cleaned his house he had a whole stack of new videos in his usual hiding place. I felt like he put them there to thank me for showing off my titties in his pool.”

Would you ever fuck your neighbour?

“Oh, gee. I dunno. I’ve fucked older guys before. But I’ve known my neighbour for so long it might be too weird! But I’d gladly prance around naked and let him jerk off to me. I would probably even put on a little masturbation show for him. He’s so nice, he deserves it. But if I were to masturbate for him, all bets are off. I might just fuck him…or let him eat me out. I turn into a total horny slut when I’m getting myself off. If there’s a dick in close range to me I just have to have it inside of me!”

Au Naturel

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