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Backseat Banging

Backseat Banging

Hey, Molly. Is this your van? It’s so cool!
“Yes, it is my van. I worked so hard to save money so I could buy it! Now that I have a van I feel like I have so much more freedom than before. And not just ’cause I can go wherever I want, but because I can fuck just about whenever and wherever I want.”

Did you want to get a van because they have bigger backseats? Tell the truth!
“Yeah, that was a big part of it. I knew I was probably going to be doing a lot of boning in the car since I can’t do it at my parents’ house. And it would be a pain to do it in a small car, especially because I’m really tall. This van was also one of the few cars in my price range, so that helped a lot, too. The previous owner even took $500 off the original price because I flashed him my tits. Apparently he’s a fan of little ones! But anyway, it’s not the coolest car, but all the space sure comes in handy, if you know what I mean.”

We think we know what you mean. But could you elaborate on that anyway?
“Well, like I said, I knew I was going to be doing a lot of fucking in the car. Just last night I got fucked silly in my van. I parked at my special place where I know we won’t be bothered, and we started making out and feeling up on each other until the windows were all fogged up. We took it to the backseat and started dry humping. Then my tits came out and so did his cock. While we were fucking I kept thinking it was a great thing that I have this van ’cause we definitely wouldn’t have been able to get as wild in a smaller car. I had just enough room to bounce on his cock.”

Backseat Banging

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