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Bedtime Tails

Bedtime Tails

What’s up with the pigtails, Nikita?

“I think they look cute on me. Like I’m Pippi Longstocking or something. Some of my girlfriends think they’re dumb ’cause they say that my pigtails make me look immature, but I don’t care what they think. I still like the way they look, and I also like to have them tugged when I’m fooling around. I guess it’s kind of like when boys used to tug your hair on the playground to let you know that they liked you. Only now guys do it when they’re fucking me!”

There’s no way we can ignore your juicy tits. Tell us about ’em.

“I like to have those played with, too. Sometimes people ask me if they’re fake and it pisses me off sooo much! I’m 100 percent natural. And if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is squeeze them and you’ll be able to tell. Well, even if you do believe me, you should squeeze them anyway. But if a guy is going to be playing with my boobs, he better be ready to lick and fuck my pussy. Because when someone touches my boobs I get wet, and I want to have sex really bad. I’ve been told that I’m like a guy ’cause I get horny so easily and I always want to have sex.”

Does that mean you’ve fucked a lot?

“Not a whole lot. I’ve had sex with two guys, and the one I had the most sex with was the second guy. He was my English professor, and he’s the one who got me into pigtail-tugging. I had just started my first semester of college and on the first day of class I knew we were gonna fuck. I came into class sucking on a lollipop and his mouth practically dropped to the floor. He was staring at me the whole time. We were having sex by the end of the week. I would wear little schoolgirl skirts with no panties to class and then fuck him after. He’d get boners while I sat there, crossing and uncrossing my legs so he could see my shaved pussy.”

Have you ever tit-fucked before?

“I actually haven’t! I know it’s weird ’cause you’d think that’s one of the first things a guy would try to do with me since I have big boobs, but I dunno! I guess the two guys I had sex with were more interested in fucking my pussy. I saw a porno where a girl gets tit-fucked and then sprayed with cum on her chest. I wanna try that!”

Bedtime Tails

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