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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Elizabeth loves pretty bras, but her boobs are so small that none of them fit her. “I can barely fill out a training bra!” she says. While browsing a lingerie store, she mentions her problem to the sales associate, and he offers to take her measurements for a custom bra. One thing leads to another and he’s sucking on her mosquito bites in the fitting room. If anyone can rock a flat chest, it’s Elizabeth. But for having such tiny tits, she has one hell of a succulent ass. This bitty-boobed babe also loves sucking cock. She spits on it, spreads her saliva around with her hand, then works every inch of this guy’s shaft down her mouth. She’s also an enthusiastic lay, slapping her ass down on the sales associate’s pelvis while she rides his cock. See it for yourself!

Bigger Isn't Always Better

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