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Bustin’ Out

>Bustin' Out

When did you get all those curves?

“Just recently. Last summer I went from being completely flat to having these boobs! At first I was a little embarrassed about them, so I didn’t even bother to get new bras. I was still wearing my old training bras! It was okay cause they kept my boobs squished down, but they all eventually broke.”

Why were you embarrassed of your boobs?

“I’m really short so I think I look funny with these big boobs, but it’s mostly ’cause of all the attention. Before boys never really paid attention to me, and especially not my body. I was always just one of the guys. But now that I have boobs they think I’m a slut. I’m so not! I’m just a nice girl with big boobs. I haven’t even had sex yet, so I don’t think it’s fair that I get called a slut just because of my chest.”

Don’t most girls want bigger boobs?

“I guess other girls do, but I was fine being flat. But I don’t want to keep talking bad about my boobs. I like them now. One thing I’ve noticed is that they’ve become really sensitive. When I was flat my nipples didn’t have much sensation, but now when I touch them I get so turned-on. And now that my chest is bigger it tends to rub against things more, like my desk at school. When that happens I get chills down my spine and wet in my panties. That’s definitely a good thing.”

Bustin' Out

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