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Chocolate Nips

Chocolate Nips

Imagine what it would be like to walk around with a permament hard-on…

That’s kind of what Kayla feels like, only with her nipples. “I’m always hard! I think it’s partly because they’re very sensitive, and they get erect if even a breeze blows on them. And it’s also because I’m constantly horny.”

Good thing for padded bras!

Then again, maybe not. We’d rather see those nips poking out from her shirt than not. “The bras I wear are only slightly padded, and it’s not to make my boobs look bigger. I’m not into false advertising. I’m just trying to hide my super-hard nipples. It would be a bit much to walk around hard like that!”

Maybe her nips wouldn’t be so hard if she got off more often.

You figure that if her hard nipples are a reflection of her raging libido, that cumming more often would help calm her stiff dugs. But she was quick to dismiss that notion. “I get off all the time! Not necessarily with boys. I do it by myself plenty. But sometimes I do have fun with a cute bloke. It seems no matter how often I get off I still have dirty thoughts all day long. Even if I weren’t as horny, I think I would still have the same problem because as I said, my nipples are quite sensitive. There’s nothing I can do about it!”

What do you think of that makes you horny?

“I usually have fantasies about blokes that I know. I wonder what it would be like to have my first shag with them and how big their willies are. In my head, it’s always the best shag ever. I imagine that the both of us are so incredibly turned on that every little touch feels amazing and orgasmic.”

Chocolate Nips

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