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Clean Shaven

Clean Shaven

Hey, Dakoda. Do you have any special plans tonight?

“Yes, I have a hot date, and I need to get ready for it. I almost like the preparation for a date as much as the actual date. I’m a typical girly-girl so I like taking
baths, shaving, doing my hair and make-up and figuring out what sexy outfit I’m going to wear.”

Do you plan to fuck this guy you’re going on a date with?

“I try not to fuck on the first date, but you never know. If we hit it off, anything is possible. I try to be a good girl, but if we start making out and stuff it’s hard for me to keep my panties on! So I always shave my pussy before a date just in case. Even if he just ends up fingering me I want my pussy to be smooth. There’ve been times where I didn’t shave ’cause I thought that would’ve kept me from fucking, but it didn’t! I gave in just the same with a hairy pussy. So now I make sure to shave just to be on the safe side.”

How long does it take you to shave?

“It doesn’t take me long at all to shave my legs and underarms. Maybe like 10 minutes total. Shaving my pussy takes me probably another 10 or 15 minutes. It’s tricky getting all the hairs down there! The first time I shaved my pussy it itched sooo much when the hair started growing back. That sucked, but I’m totally used to it now ’cause I’ve shaved it so much. My friend told me that I should try waxing ’cause it’s better, but I’m scared it’ll hurt too much.”

Clean Shaven

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