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Cummin’ In Cotton

Cummin' In Cotton

Londyn is one of the few girls we’ve met who doesn’t like wearing thongs.

She actually prefers to wear white cotton undies with full backs, and that’s why she starred in the DVD Cotton Tail. “Cotton panties are just so cute and comfy. I know most girls like to wear thongs, but they’re so uncomfortable. They ride up my butt the whole time. Wearing them is like having a permanent wedgie! So I just stick to my cotton panties. I know guys who like them, too! In fact, some of the guys I have sex with even want me to keep them on while we fuck. I don’t mind it. It’s kind of weird…but it’s also kind of kinky. I like it when my juices soak into the cotton. It’s like proof of how horny I was. During some really hot sex my panties will become see-through ’cause they’re completely soaked with my pussy juice! The guys usually want to keep the panties, and that’s okay with me. But sometimes I want a memento, too!”

She has kept a pair or two of cum-stained panties.

“The guys don’t always make off with my underpants. As I said, I like to keep them sometimes. I’ll tell the guy to cum on my panties so our juices can mingle. Then when it dries I like to smell it. I know that’s kind of unusual, but it just turns me on so much. I guess my memory is strongly tied to my sense of smell. So when I sniff those dirty cotton panties, it reminds me of the hot sex I had.”

Cummin' In Cotton

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