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Curious Coed

Curious Coed

Alice‘s boobs caused quite a stir at school.

You know how it goes. In high school, the girl with the big boobs is always the slut. “I’d only had sex with one boy! But I guess the girls were all jealous of me ’cause I had big boobs, and they spread all these nasty rumors about me. At first I was proud of my boobs, but all the gossip made me self-conscious.”

She’s taking a different approach now that she’s started college.

Alice was always a good student and graduated high school early. She was thrilled to be away from the mean girls who spread rumors about her. Now it’s the summer and she’s already taking a couple of college courses. But she’s determined to not let her boobs steal the show again. “I’ve been covering them up and wearing bras that make me look flatter. People in college are supposed to be more mature, but I don’t want to take any chances. But now that I’ve hidden my boobs, I’ve come across another problem. People think I’m too young to be in college! I had my hair in pigtails one day and some guy said, ‘Shouldn’t you be riding a school bus home right about now?’ It hurt my feelings, but my English professor comforted me and made me feel better.”

English professor, huh? Sounds like there might be a romance brewing.

“I was pretty sure my professor was attracted to me, but I didn’t know how he’d feel if he saw me with my boobs out. I thought maybe he only likes me ’cause he thinks I’m flat. So one day I came to class wearing a push-up bra and a tight shirt. He kept staring at my chest the whole time…along with all the other boys in the class! I figured this is the part where other girls probably start talking bad about me, but I didn’t care. I had to find out if my really hot professor would still like me if he knew I had big boobs. From his reaction, it looked like a green light to me. I probably won’t wear something that shows off my boobs so much again, but I have a plan to seduce my professor. For my next move, I’m going to class with a skirt and no panties to give him a special peep show.”

Curious Coed

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