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Cutie With A Booty

Cutie With A Booty

Pearl knows what looks good on her.

Or should we say, she knows what looks good on her big ass. The way Pearl‘s undies nestle all the way up in her crack and leave her juicy cheeks exposed is a tantalizing sight for men who like girls with some meat on their rumps. “Boy shorts are a lot more comfortable than thongs. I love to wear them because they make my ass look really round and full.” Sweetheart, it’s not the undies!

“I have the biggest ass in my class!”

“I always get tons of comments about my ass. At school they call me Big Booty Girl. And if I make out with a guy, he always wants to squeeze and slap my ass.” That’s a natural reaction to something so succulent and ripe. Kind of like when you see a juicy, red apple, you just want to take a bite of it. “I don’t mind it when a guy slaps my ass though. I like it; it feels good. And it makes my butt jiggle, too.”

She hasn’t backed that ass up…yet.

We thought that with a butt like that, Pearl would be fucking in doggie-style every day. But we were wrong! “I haven’t had sex yet, but a guy has eaten me out and licked my butt, too. When I finally do have sex, I want to try doggie-style. My friends have told me it’s a lot of fun, and guys always tell me that I have the perfect ass for it. Some of the dirty guys at school have told me they want to put it in my butt, but I think that’s a little too kinky for me. I’d rather just try normal sex for now.”

Cutie With A Booty

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