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Cuts & Fucks

Cuts & Fucks

Looks like Delila is slutting it up at the salon!

She’s usually very professional during work hours at her job as a hair stylist. Usually. “It had been slow all day and this guy was the last customer of the night. It was just me and a manager and she was in the back doing paper work. I don’t know what came over me, but the guy turned me on. He didn’t even need a hair wash, but I gave him one anyway so I could stick my boobs in his face.”

Now that’s what we call customer service!

Delila went above and beyond to make her customer happy. She wanted to make sure she got a good tip. And by tip we mean the tip of his dick in her mouth and pussy. “He was as turned on as I was. I grabbed his cock through his pants and felt that it was hard. That made my pussy wet, and I love it when it gets wet before I even pull my undies down. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Precum was all over the head of his dick, and I was glad that he was as wet as I was. I sucked it and felt it grow even bigger in my mouth.”

“I wanted his cock in my pussy.”

You know how sometimes you’re so horny that you don’t even care about oral? When you just want to get to the main event ASAP? That’s how Delila felt after sucking this guy’s rod off. “I was so horny that I didn’t even think about him eating me out. I just wanted to ride his dick. My pussy was throbbing! But he insisted on licking my twat, and I’m glad I let him. As horny as I was, I think oral made the sex even better. I was so turned on it was like I had a twenty minute orgasm when we fucked. I could feel my pussy quiver every time he thrust into it.”

Delila was well-rewarded in the end.

Her client wasn’t going to leave without showing her his gratuity in the form of a big load of cum. “He started moaning and got really tense, and that’s when he blew all over me!”

Cuts & Fucks

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