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Different Strokes

Different Strokes

Is it true you like to be different, Fey?
“Yeah, I guess so. I like listening to music and reading books that not too many people may have heard of before. But I also like to come up with
different ways to play with my pussy!”

We’ll need examples.
“I’ve used my cellphone as a vibrator before. I’ll set it on vibrate, put it on my pussy and then call myself from my house. It’s fun, but I can’t
do it too much ’cause it kills my battery!”

That’s pretty creative!
“Thanks! I have some toys left over from when I was younger. One of them is this little rubber monster finger puppet. It goes right on the tip
of your finger. Well, it turns out those are really good for masturbating! I told one of my boyfriends that I use them for cumming, so he started calling them my clit goblins!”

Different Strokes

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