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Eager Beaver

Eager Beaver

Ever done the horizontal tango, Tiffany?

“You mean sex? No, I’m still a virgin. I’ve come close to having sex before–like I’ve had hot and heavy makeout sessions with guys and they tried to put their hands down my pants, but I stopped them even though I really wanted them to touch my pussy. I wanted to be a good girl, but now I realize it’s so boring and unsatisfying!”

Why did you want to be a good girl?

“I dunno. I grew up thinking that I was going to save myself for marriage. But I’m over that. I’m so ready to do the next guy I hook up with, even if he isn’t my boyfriend. But aside from wanting to be “good,” I think part of what stopped me from doing it before was that I was afraid I wouldn’t be good or the guy would think I had a weird vagina or something. The only one I’ve ever seen is mine so I didn’t really know. I told that to my best friend and she had a solution. She said we should show each other our pussies to see if they look alike. We tried it out and hers was a little different from mine. Her lips stuck out a bit more, but they were fun to play with. We must’ve spent an hour just looking at and feeling each other’s private parts.”

Did that give you confidence?

“Yeah. So much so that I shaved my pussy and even got my clit pierced. Now I’m ready to get some real action.”

Eager Beaver

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