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Flat’s All That

Flat's All That

Flat tire got you down, Bianca?

“It’s not really the flat tire that’s bumming me out. It’s the boys who said that my chest is as flat as my tire. That was adding insult to injury ’cause I was trying to show off on my bike, then I ran over a big rock and fell off, and that’s when my tire went flat. I can fix my tire, but I can’t fix being flat. Not that I’d want to! Some boys are just stupid and they don’t know that little boobs are just as good as big ones. I’ve met other guys who seem to like my boobs just the way they are. They’re much cooler!”

Those boys are probably just teasing you ’cause they like you.

“Maybe. But I don’t like it. It’s so immature. That’s why older guys are better; they don’t play these little games. They’ll come right out and tell you they like you. And they’re happy to play with little tits. That’s what my nextdoor neighbor told me anyway. He’s in his forties, and he said that I had a great body, little boobs and all. I let him feel my chest once over the chainlink fence that separates our backyards. My parents would probably freak out if they knew about it, so it’s our little secret. Sometimes when I wave to him while he’s working on his lawn he’ll wink at me, and I know exactly what it means–that my little tits make his cock hard!”

What’s your favorite memory of someone playing with your tits?

“A guy who’s a college junior took me on campus late at night. It was pretty much empty, but there were a few people around. We were making out in a hallway, and he had me pressed up against the wall. He lifted up my shirt and sucked on my tits while I grabbed his cock through his pants. Every now and then he’d have to pull down my shirt really quick ’cause someone would walk by. That made it exciting.”

Are your boobs small enough that you don’t have to wear a bra?

“I don’t really need to since I’m barely even an A-cup. The only thing is that my nipples are a little bit dark so you can see the outline of them through my top if it’s light-colored. I like it, but it drives my mom crazy! She tells me I might as well walk around topless if I’m going to dress like that. If only I could! But to make her happy I’ll wear a bra and then take it off once I leave the house.”

Flat's All That

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