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Freckled Flirt

Freckled Flirt

Wow, Lindsey. You’re totally hot. You must get everything you want!

“Thank you, but I don’t really like to take advantage of people. I just like to flirt and have fun. I do have a lot of dates, but I don’t want them to spend a lot of money or go out of their way for me or anything. To be honest, the only thing I really want is to give blow jobs. I love blow jobs. Everything about them is great, from feeling a big cock fill up my mouth, to sucking their balls, to tasting their warm cum on my tongue. To me, seeing a big, hard cock bulging in some guy’s pants is like, the best gift ever. I just can’t wait to unwrap it and play with it! Getting a load in my mouth is the icing on the cake. I know I have dick-sucking lips, so I make sure to put them to good use. I’m pretty easy to make happy. Just give me your cock!”

Wow. So you’re not a gold-digger? Because you’re hot enough to pull it off.

“No way. Material possessions don’t mean much to me. Cocks are like gold or jewelry to me. I see them and I just have to have them! If a guy wants to impress me, he doesn’t have to buy me stuff. He just has to show me his package. That’s the easiest way to get me in the sack, ’cause when I see a nice cock I just can’t control myself. I guess it’s kind of like how guys are when they see a girl with nice boobs or a nice butt. They stare and practically drool and wonder what they taste and feel like. Hard cocks are totally like, God’s gift to me!”

So do you just like to suck ’em or do you like to fuck ’em, too?

“I love to fuck. My favorite thing to do is get on top and ride away, and then have the guy finish in my mouth or on my face. Guys are always impressed by my stamina, ’cause when I’m on top I do all the work. If there’s a cock inside me, it’s like I could fuck forever! It gives me a crazy amount of energy. Sure, sometimes my legs get a little sore or wobbly, but I don’t care, and I keep fucking through it because it feels so good. Meanwhile the guy is just laying there watching me go crazy while I bounce up and down on his dick. I told you that I like to give! Usually when I have sex we’ll start off in missionary, but after a few minutes I’ve just gotta get on top and cum from riding. If I’m really worked up I’ll turn around so my ass is facing the guy while I ride him, and I’ll tell him to stick his pinky in my butt.”

We wouldn’t have guessed you were such a freak!

“Most people don’t. I know I haven’t reached my full potential of freakiness though. I mean, I haven’t even tried anal yet! But I think it’s going to happen soon. I’ve been craving things in my butt more and more. Just about every time I fuck there’s a finger or toy going in there!”

Freckled Flirt

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