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Jammin’ The Clam

Jammin' The Clam

Marry, what does a super hot chick like you do for fun?
“I fuck myself a lot. I could do it for hours every day. I’m really horny, so if I don’t do it daily I go crazy. I could just fuck guys, but I don’t want to be a slut. And I meet too many shady guys anyway. Masturbating is fun and safe.”

You’re not a virgin, are you? Not that it’s a bad thing!
“No, I’m not a virgin. And I do like fucking. I love fucking. I just have high standards. I have to be really impressed with a guy to fuck him. It hasn’t worked out with any guy I’ve met lately so I just stay home and make myself cum over and over again. But when the right guy comes along I am
going to screw his brains out. My sexual appetite can be too much for my vibrator because it runs out of batteries so quickly. Hopefully I won’t be
too much for the next guy I fuck!”

Jammin' The Clam

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