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Just Chillin’

Just Chillin'

Do you always just hang out naked on the couch, Jasmine?

“Yes, I do it whenever my parents aren’t home. I really enjoy being nude, and I can’t wait till I move out so I can just chill around my house naked whenever I want to. It feels free and fun and a little bit naughty. And I can even have a guy over to keep me company in case I start feeling lonely.”

You wouldn’t be shy about being naked in front of a guy? What if he wanted to fool around?

“No way! I’d have no hesitations about getting naked in front of a guy. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin. Before I started having sex I was embarrassed to be naked in front of someone else. But once I started fucking I got used to it, and now I know there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And if some guy was at my place hanging out with me while I was naked, I’d hope he would want to fool around with me! I doubt I would get naked in front of a guy if sex wasn’t going to happen.

That’d be weird!” Have you ever had sex at your parents’ place?

“Yeah, a few times, but I was so nervous. I dated my neighbor for a bit and fucked him on the couch while my parents went to run some errands. It was a close call because they came home while we were still fucking. We ran to the bathroom, and I pretended like I was taking a shower while he climbed out of the window.”

Was the sex good?

“It was super hot. I was so wet I had to be careful not to leak on the couch. We were so into it, and that’s why we almost got caught. We lost track of time. The whole thing was exciting, even though we didn’t get to finish because my parents came home. That’s why I can’t wait to move out. I can have as much uninterrupted sex and naked-hang-out time as I want.”

Just Chillin'

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