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Legs Spread on the Casting Couch

There has been a lot of controversy around the idea of the casting couch lately, but it’s been around for ages. In the case of porn, these girls know what they are getting into and they volunteer for it. They know that their pussy is the key to everything in this industry and they are going to use it to launch their careers. They go from broke on the couch to wealthy and adored by fans. Everyone wins.

Over on Casting Couch X, 18+ cuties show up ready to be interviewed and audition. Their clothes come off and they show just how ready those ripe little bodies of theirs are. One of the things that I fucking loved here, was that all of the videos are shot in incredible 4K UHD. Every detail practically pops off the screen and the babes are so beautiful that their details deserve the ultra hi-def treatment.

After taking a sneak peak at everything the site had to offer, I knew I wanted to join, so I went over to porn-discounts.com looking for a deal. Right now, you can get your own discount to Casting Couch X here too.