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Lickable Lips

>Lickable Lips

Hi Brittney. What kind of guys do you like?

“If you would’ve asked me a few months ago, I would’ve said hot, muscular guys that are my age. But then I dated a guy like that and I realized they are not all that! Now I’m way into older men. I’ve got a new boyfriend and he’s 43, and I love it! He’s actually married but that doesn’t bother me. He says that him and his wife hardly ever fuck anymore, and that she’s a total bitch. That’s the complete opposite of me!”

What is it that you like so much about your new and much older boyfriend?
“Everything! He’s so sexy; he has little sprinkles of gray in his hair and a nice, trimmed goatee. He has his own money and he likes to buy me things. And he loves to eat me out. Like, he really takes his time. He told me that my pussy tastes really good and he loves licking it. He doesn’t even go down on his wife ’cause he says her pussy is too hairy! That other young guy I dated would only eat me out for a second, then fuck me and cum super quick. My new guy satisfies me way more.”

Are you afraid she’ll find out?
“Not really. And not to be a bitch, but if she does, it’s not my problem! For now I’m just enjoying the ride and all the great sex my boyfriend gives me. Older guys are really great in bed, and he always makes sure I cum first. I even told all my girlfriends at school that they need to try an older guy!”

How did you meet this guy anyway?
“This is so naughty, but he’s a friend of my dad’s! He came to a dinner party my parents had, and we hit it off. I was in the kitchen preparing the hors d’ouvres while my parents entertained the guests, and he came in to help me. He ended up fingering me in the kitchen while my parents and his wife were in the other room!”

Lickable Lips

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