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Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks

Tessa! What are you doing to this guy? Can’t you see he’s working?

“Well you know what they say, all work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. And being a traveling salesman must get so boring sometimes. Having to walk in the heat with a suit on and then dealing with all those people slamming doors in your face. I could tell this guy was having a bad day so I invited him inside. He was selling life insurance, but he only got about two sentences into his sales pitch before he got lost staring at my tits popping out of the bottom of my little shirt.”

There’s nothing wrong with mixing business with pleasure. At least in this case!

“That’s what I’m saying! I’m sure people would be a lot happier at their jobs if they could take fuck-breaks. And this set-up was too perfect. No one supervises him, and no one was supervising me since my parents weren’t home. And I was just about to go to town on my pussy with my vibrator when he knocked on the door. Talk about opportunity knocking! So he was there staring at my tits, and I told him that honestly, I wasn’t interested in what he was selling, but I sure was interested in what he was packing. I moved in close to him and grabbed his crotch, and he was totally hard.”

Were you afraid at all that he’d turn you down?

“[Laughs] No! As soon as I opened the door he gave me the once over…twice! That was the green light for me. After I grabbed his cock we started making out and he fondled my tits, so I was right about him wanting me. I can read guys pretty well.”

Did he fuck you how you like?

“Yep. He didn’t hesitate to eat my pussy, and that’s always a good sign. I was nice and wet for him by the time he was ready to fuck. He was really into it and was moaning and stuff. I thought it was hot, and it made me enjoy the fucking even more. I liked it so much that I told him to cum on my face, and that’s rare for me!”

Opportunity Knocks

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