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Perfectly Perky

Perfectly Perky

Welcome back, Rilee. We see that you still have braces and your boobs are still as nice as they were in the April ’12 issue.

“Thank you! And yeah, I’m going to have braces for a while. The orthodontist said for at least another year! I can’t wait to get them off. They get in the way of things, like giving head for example! The last time you guys talked to me, I’d never done that before. But I tried it for the first time recently and it was a lot of fun. I really liked the way the guy’s big, hard cock felt in my mouth, and how I could make him moan and squirm.”

Has a guy blown his load in your mouth yet?

“Yes. I always ask them to because I think it’s hot, but most of the guys I’ve blown want to cum on my tits! I swear, every guy I’ve fooled around with gets obsessed with my tits. All they want to do is stare at them, fondle them and suck on them. I don’t mind it; I like the attention. But I don’t want them to only be focused on my boobs. I have a perfectly good pussy that needs licking, too!”

So you’re giving BJs and getting eaten out. Have you had sex yet?

“I’m still a virgin! To cock, at least. I don’t think I have a cherry anymore because I masturbate a lot with a dildo. But there’s never been a real dick in my pussy. I’m torn between saving it for someone special and just getting it over with. I haven’t made up my mind about it, so I’m going to keep having oral sex and masturbating until I know what I want!”

Perfectly Perky

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