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Pretty ‘n’ Pruning

Pretty 'n' Pruning

Not everyone has fun on their summer vacation.

Lola just can’t get a break. She gets good grades, never skipped class, is going to a good college and even held out on having sex. “Believe me, I really want to have sex. But I know it’d disappoint my parents if they found out, so I’m going to wait till I go to college,” she told us. She’s not a bad girl. She’s a good girl, a very obedient daughter. But her parents still insist on making her do yardwork during her summer break. “They said it builds character. I think that’s a bunch of crap! I was about to leave on a date, but they said I couldn’t until I pruned the bushes in the back. So I went out there in my heels and just got it over with.”

Parents can be such cock-blockers.

“I was really excited to go on that date, too. I wasn’t going to have sex, but I was looking forward to making out and maybe getting felt up. I called that guy and told him what happened, but I think he thinks I blew him off. I was so pissed at my parents! The whole time I was out there working I kept thinking of that boy and the things we could’ve done. It was making me feel naughty, and it was already really hot outside, so I just said, ‘Fuck it, I’m getting naked!’ And I took it all off!”

Lola‘s bush is a little grown out.

We couldn’t help but notice that Lola has a bit of pubes. Not much, but it’s something compared to the tons of super-smooth slits that have appeared in 18eighteen the past few years. “I was never sure what to do about my pubes. I knew I didn’t want them to be too bushy, but I didn’t want to take everything off, so I settled for in between. I’m not really sure what guys like ’cause I’ve never been with one. Hopefully they like my pubes.”

Lola‘s rebellious side is starting to come out.

“I was so pissed I didn’t care if my parents saw me in the backyard naked. I hoped one of their friends would make a surprise appearance and see me, too! I mean, I’m 18 now. I should have more freedom. Being mad and horny is a weird combination. It makes me want to act out of character. I think tonight I’m going to sneak out of my bedroom and meet up with that guy and give him a blow job! It’s about time I had some fun.”

Pretty 'n' Pruning

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