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Ready To Try A Guy

Ready To Try A Guy

Desiray desires dick. Just don’t tell her girlfriend!

What started off as a little lezzie makeout session during a party blossomed into a full-blown relationship. “I love my girlfriend. This is the first relationship I’ve been in.” But Desiray wasn’t expecting to put her cherry on hold. “I’ve popped my lezzie cherry. But I’ve never had sex with a guy and well, I really want to! I asked my girlfriend if she would ever do a threesome and she was not cool with it at all. She’s a full lezzie but I’m bi. I like her a lot, but I really want to have sex with a guy! Sometimes me and my girlfriend will fuck each other with strap-ons, but it’s not the same. I don’t even like the strap-ons that much. I’d rather just not use them. I want to try the real thing.” Should Desiray stick with her chick or go after dick?

Desiray‘s stuck in a dilemma and she’s not sure what to do about it!

Her friends told her to follow her heart, but she’d rather follow her pussy. “My girlfriend satisfies all my emotional needs, but she doesn’t satisfy my sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way she licks my pussy and I love burying my face in her pie. But there’s so much I haven’t experienced yet! Sometimes when we have sex, I imagine that I’m with a guy.”

That makes her cum the hardest.

“My girlfriend thinks that I’m getting off ’cause of her. But it’s really because I’m fantasizing about a cock in my pussy! That’s why I get so wet and creamy. It’s so frustrating. I think I’m just going to give in and fuck a guy!”

If you could have sex with any guy, who would you choose?

“This might sound weird, but I’d totally do my math teacher. He’s tall and a bit older. Probably in his late thirties. But I think he’s so hot. It’s his cock that I’m fantasizing about when my girlfriend licks my pussy. I’d let him do whatever he wanted to me!”

Ready To Try A Guy

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