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Red On Top, Pink Below

Red On Top, Pink Below

Meet Mandy, guys. She’s a dancer who’s proud of her natural red locks and freckles. “I’ve been dancing since I was seven, and I was on the dance team in high school. In my free time, I love to dance!” So that’s how Mandy got her sexy, tight figure. In addition to dancing, she also likes going to the beach and eating sushi. She likes guys who are nice and down to earth. And she loves being a redhead. “Lots of guys have told me that I’m the sexiest redhead they’ve ever seen. One guy even told me, “Your sexy, little redhead self could light up my world if you came home with me tonight.’ So I did, and we had hot, passionate sex all night long!”

Mandy is pretty much a normal girl. Except for one thing. At 18eighteen, we meet a lot of young girls, obviously. We talk to them and try to get a sense of their personality. And one thing that we can say just about all of them have in common is that they love oral sex. But Mandy is one of the few girls we’ve met who isn’t the biggest fan of cunnilingus. “Sex, like actual intercourse, is what satisfies me best. I’m just not that big into oral. But maybe I haven’t been with someone who does it just the way I like it. Until then, I’ll stick to sex.”

She also doesn’t use sex toys. “I masturbate plenty, but it’s always with my hand. I’ve tried dildos before, but they just didn’t do it for me. Vibrators are okay, but I stay away from them ’cause my friend told me that if you use them too much they desensitize you. And I don’t want that to happen! So when I play with myself I usually rub my clit with one hand and then stick a finger in my pussy with the other.”

Red On Top, Pink Below

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