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Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

Christmas is right around the corner, and
these two teens are in the giving spirit.
Two teen fuck twats for just one cock? That’s an awesome gift. But it’s not just this guy
that’s lucky. Katie and Mandy also get the benefit of sharing this hot experience and
engaging in their first ever three-way. It’s pleasure for everyone! “We didn’t plan it or
anything,” Mandy (the redhead) said. “We’re all friends. Katie and I have seen each
other naked lots of times so we’re pretty comfortable with each other. She moved
away but she’s been visiting for the past week. One day we were all hanging out,
and stuff just happened! Our guy friend asked us if we ever did any lezzie stuff, and
we said no. He told us that we should try making out with each other, so we did.”

Then one thing led to
another. That’s just how
three-ways happen!
“I was the one who really got things rolling,”
Katie said. “Kissing Mandy felt really good,
and I was getting turned on from that. While
Mandy and I were making out, I grabbed
John’s head and put it on my tit. He got the
hint and started sucking on my nipple. I don’t
know why I did that. I didn’t even really think
about it. I just did what I felt like doing. I started
getting wet, and I had a feeling things were
going to get even hotter.”

Talk about
being in the
right place at
the right time!
“I’d seen Mandy’s puffy,
pink nipples before,” Katie
continued. “I always
thought they were cute, and
I figured now was the perfect
time to taste them. She
was all about it when I put
them in my mouth. By then
all of us were taking off our
clothes. Then John took out
his cock and it was hard. It
was obvious what was
going to happen.” That’s
what we like to call the
moment of truth. When
you’re on the precipice of
backing out or going
absolutely crazy. This is usually
when the guy takes his
cock out and the girl (or in
this case, girls) decides if she
likes what she sees. “I was
totally turned on when I
saw John’s cock,” Mandy
piped in. “Everything was
just so exciting! Before fucking
either of us, John made
sure to give us both a good
licking. It felt so good that
we both had to return the
favor. And let me tell you,
sucking a cock with your
best friend is really hot.
Now I can see why guys
love to see two girls sharing
a cock. It’s quite a sight!”

Katie and Mandy shared this cock with no problem at all.
“I don’t think either of us had ever done anything like this before,” Katie said. “Nope!” Mandy added with a giggle. Katie went on:
“Oh, and I should probably mention that I was a virgin. I’d never been this forward before, but I was really feeling the vibe, so I
just went with it! I honestly never thought I’d lose my virginity in a three-way, but hey-it was a lot of fun! Since I was a virgin I got
first dibs on John’s cock.” Mandy was okay with that. Like a good friend, she wanted Katie to finally experience how great sex
feels. “I’m not greedy, I can share cock!” Mandy said. “And it was really special that I got to be there when my friend was losing
her virginity. It was super hot to see the expression on her face as John slipped his cock in and popped her cherry. She was moaning
and her eyes were closed tight, and all this pussy juice was getting all over John’s cock and balls.”

Sharing Is Caring

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