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Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth

We’re amazed at Kamila‘s completely hairless body.

Not a hair or blemish in sight on this nubile teen fuck’s body. Every inch of her is smooth and soft to the touch. “The secret is to wax the hair. That’s how you get all of it off. I wax off everything and it leaves my skin so smooth. Plus, my hair is naturally blonde and sparse, so I don’t have that much to begin with.”

Licking her smooth slit is a real pleasure.

Years ago, bush was all you got. But bare pussies are now the way of the future. Kamila tells us why in her own words. “I like to remove all my pubes because I like the way it looks, and it makes me feel cleaner. My boyfriend also tells me that it makes it easier for him to eat me out without any hair in the way. I think it’s similar to why I mostly like guys who are clean shaven.
Because when I kiss them, their face feels so soft and smooth, and it’s much nicer than when they have rough stubble or a beard. That’s probably how my boyfriend feels when he goes down on me. I feel a lot more sensitive when there’s no hair on my pussy as well.”

“Being bald just feels so good.”

“Normally it feels really good to have a tongue on my pussy and butthole, but when I am completely hairless it’s even better. It’s partially because I feel more confident and sexy. But I swear that I have better orgasms when I’m hairless. I think I have a pretty pussy and butthole, too. So I don’t want any hair in the way to block the view. When I’m freshly waxed you can see how nice and pink my pussy is, and you can taste how sweet and fresh it is!”

Don’t you want to dive right in?

Kamila makes a pretty strong case for pussies that are waxed (or shaved) completely bald. Is it enough to turn a bush-lover into a bald-beaver eater? We think so, and so does Kamila. “Once a guy gets a taste of a super smooth pussy he won’t want pubes. I’m sure bushes are fluffy and cute, but nothing beats silky smooth flesh.”

Silky Smooth

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