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So Filled Up

So Filled Up

Destiny is totally a Cherry Picked babe!

We’d searched far and wide for a girl who fit the bill, and we found her in Destiny. She’s the kind of 18 year old who gets carded everywhere she goes because nobody believes that such a fresh-faced cutie is legal. But she is! She’s also totally flat and loves to fuck. That’s why we put her in the movie Cherry Picked. She stands out for her youthful looks, and she gave up her tight cherry in the movie.

She’s young and tiny, but Destiny knows how she likes to be fucked.

Hard and fast is the way to make her moan and cum. And when her fuck-buddy hits the right spot with his fingers and cock, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him to keep it up. “I only recently started having sex, but I discovered quickly what I like and what I don’t like. And sex is so much better if I tell the guy what to do. I’ve never been a shy person, and it’s true even when I have sex.”

Sex education is important. Masturbate to learn about your body!

We don’t mean sex education in the schoolbook sperm-meets-egg kind of way. We mean getting down there and touching yourself and really figuring out what makes your clock tick. That’s what Destiny did, and that’s why she enjoys lots of orgasms when she fucks. “I always masturbated like crazy, and not with toys, but with my hand. I learned how to make myself cum, so I know how to make it happen when I have sex, too. I need a lot of clit action so either me or the guy has to rub my button.”

She’s pretty good at making guys cum, too.

So Destiny knows how to get herself off. But how good is she at servicing a guy till he blows his load? “I’ve made a guy cum from giving him a blow job, so I think I’m pretty good. Even if
I’m not the best, I’m eager to learn. I already really like sucking cock, so I can only get better, right? And of course guys always cum when I fuck them, so I must be doing okay there. It
seems like the more I get turned on, the more they get turned on. They like that I tell them what to do to make me cum. And when I get close to cumming, they get close, too. The first
time I saw a guy cum I was surprised. I didn’t realize how much guys cum or how far they can squirt until I finally saw it with my own eyes!”

So Filled Up

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