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Sex and Shelter are Both Necessities

When I was 20, I had my own apartment. I wasn’t in a dorm and I wasn’t living with relatives. Friends were constantly showing up wanting to stay with me and everyone wanted to use my place for parties. After a couple parties got out of hand, I refused to have any more. The thing I could never refuse though was pussy.

I had no idea when I got the place, how popular it would make me. The girls who showed up were never girlfriend material. They were troublemakers with nowhere else to go. Their parents had kicked them out or their boyfriend had. They’d show up crying and I’d let them in. They never had any money, but they were extra friendly.

I ended up fucking three girls who needed a place to stay. I never pressured them for sex. They offered it because they knew that was all they had going for them. I know it would be frowned on now, but back then, I’d say it was a pretty fair exchange.

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