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Tasty Treat

Tasty Treat

Those cotton panties look comfy, Sammi

“They are! I like underwear like these-cotton, comfy and not too tight. I’m not really a fan of thongs. They ride up my butt! If I’m wearing an outfit that would look better with a thong, I just won’t wear any underwear at all. It’s either my cotton panties or nothing at all. Of course that gets me in trouble sometimes when I wear skirts and dresses. I have to remember to keep my legs closed!”

Do you normally have trouble keeping your legs closed, Sammi? Tell the truth now!

“I’ve been pretty good at it so far ’cause I haven’t had sex yet. The most I’ve done is let a guy eat me out. I was going to give him a BJ, but we were in the backseat of his car and someone pulled up next to us. I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to giving head for the first time. He did say that I tasted good though!”

What did he say you tasted like?

“He told me I tasted sweet, like candy. Too bad I didn’t get to tell him what he tasted like. I told him we’d have to take a raincheck on fooling around ’cause of those people who pulled up next to us. Then he tried to convince me to keep fooling around, but I didn’t want to put on a show for those other people. I want to at least give one blow job in private first! I’d be so embarrassed if someone saw me giving head and thought I did a bad job. That guy told me he would give me a really good lesson. If I do a good job maybe I’ll let you see how I give head!”

Tasty Treat

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