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The Complete Package

The Complete Package

Know what a ‘paper-bagger’ is?

It’s a chick you would bang so long as she wore a paper bag over her head. Girls like that are the reason some guys prefer the doggie-style position–so they can avoid looking at the girl’s ugly mug. Fiona doesn’t have that problem. She has a beautiful face and a tight body. You’ll want to keep your eyes open for Fiona.

Fiona is teen fuck perfection.

Where do we even start? How about with her tiny tits. “My boobs are really small, but I still have to wear a bra because my nipples get really hard. Not that I’d mind guys staring at them poking out, but they get too sensitive if I don’t wear a bra.” And what about that juicy pussy of hers? “I’m naturally not very hairy. So I can get a really smooth shave on my pussy because the hair isn’t too thick. I’ve also been told that I have a really sweet pussy. A couple of guys have even told me it tastes just like honey.”

What happened when they ate your pussy?

“Okay, so this guy and I were making out, right? And he was touching my boobs and rubbing my pussy and I was so turned on. I was wearing a skirt and I took off my undies. When I did that, all my juices came trickling down. I was so horny and wet a little even dripped down my thigh! So the guy got on his knees and licked up my stream of pussy juice and made his way up to my clit. That’s when he told me that I taste like honey. He kissed me and I could taste myself on his tongue. It was so true.”

Pretty, horny and tasty. Could Fiona get any better? Oh yes, she can.

In April ’09 Fiona spoke of her fondness for sucking cock. She still loves it, but these days she has a new favorite sexual activity. “I love anal. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it was great. At first I was like, ‘Nooo way.’ But this guy I had been hooking up with for a while convinced me to try it. I’m so grateful to him for introducing me to anal because it’s really awesome. I don’t do it with just anyone though. But the guy who got me to try it was really good at making me feel relaxed. He started off by giving me a butt massage, and then he started rimming my asshole. That felt really good so I told him he could stick a finger in. I was rubbing my clit and I was so hot that I was ready to take it in the butt. He put it in nice and slow and I came so hard.”

The Complete Package

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