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The Loophole

The Loophole

Krystal, what’s this loophole you mentioned?

“Well, technically I’m still a virgin. You know, in my pussy. But that doesn’t mean I’m a virgin in my ass. I have done anal a few times, but I want to save my pussy cherry for when I get married. But I can’t wait all that time without having any kind of sex. And besides, there’s all kinds of good things about doing anal. You can’t get pregnant from it, and it feels super good. I was scared that I wouldn’t like it at first, but it was awesome. I got the idea from my friend. She comes from a religious family and she has to be a virgin when she gets married, so she does the same thing. So we get to fuck and keep our virginities at the same time!”

You don’t stick anything in your pussy at all?

“Just a little bit of my finger sometimes. I want to make sure my cherry is intact for my wedding night. I don’t want to risk breaking it by sticking a dildo all the way up there. ‘Cause guys can tell when your cherry is there and when it’s not. But my butt is a different story. I love sticking things up there. I have anal beads and a toy just for my butt. If I stick a dildo in my assand rub my clit I’ll cum really hard. But sometimes if I just feel like playing with my pussy, I’ll put a vibrator on my clit and cum that way. Or I’ll lie down in the bathtuband let the water run over my pussy. That gives me the most intense orgasms, but then my parents start knocking on the bathroom door and tell me to stop wasting water. Sorry, but a girl’s gotta cum!”

What was your first ass-fucking like?

“It was very, very slow. I was nervous so I made sure the guy took his time. He licked my butt for a long time, and then he worked one finger in there. Then two. That was fine ’cause I was used to putting a small dildo in my ass. I got out a bottle of lube and told him I was ready for him to fuck me in the ass. He poured a ton of lube on my butthole, and then stuck his dick in inch by inch until his balls were practically pressed up against my ass. He started pumping slowly then taking his dick all the way out of my ass and then putting it all the way back in.”

Have you ever had oral?

“Yes, but I have to be careful with that one. It makes me so horny that it’s hard to control myself. One time I almost told a guy to fuck me when he was licking my pussy. Luckily I stopped myself before I could say it.”

The Loophole

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