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The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Welcome, Katalina. We thought you should know that we think you have great boobs.

“Thank you. I’m pretty proud of my boobs myself. They’re real, you know! I’ve had people ask me if they were implants before. I was kind of insulted that they thought I had a boob job done. I know they look good, but damn! I just turned 18, why would I get plastic surgery? This is all me. What you see is what you get. I’m real from head to toe, and I keep it real, too.”

What do you mean when you say you “keep it real?”

“I mean that I’m straight forward and honest, and I’m always going to speak my mind. I like guys who are the same way. I don’t like guys who flaunt money to impress girls. I think that’s tacky. If you want to hook up with me, talk to me like a normal person. And if you just want to fuck, be honest about it! Don’t lie to me to get me to have sex with you then disappear. I’m totally down for a booty call, just be straight forward about it. There’s been plenty of times where I just wanted dick with no strings attached, and I came out and said it.”

So you like no-strings-attached sex?

“Sometimes. It depends on the guy and the situation. I might want more, or just a night of fun. But I let them know what I want either way.”

Do you like to have sex with girls?

“I love it. I’m bisexual so I’ve had long-term relationships with girls. I love cuddling with girls and feeling their curves and their pussies get wet. Eating pussy is my favorite.”

The Real Deal

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