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Tight Delight

Tight Delight

Do you still have your cherry?
“Yes, I do. That’s not a bad thing, right? I mean, I don’t plan to be a
virgin forever. It just hasn’t happened yet. I think it’ll happen soon,
actually, because I’m getting tired of being a virgin!”

There’s no need to rush. We like cute virgins around here! “I don’t think many other guys feel that way! I think they get turned off when a girl is a virgin ’cause they think she’ll be bad at sex. That’s what my guy friend told me one night on the phone. I’m really curious about sex, and he’s done it before, so I started asking him
all these questions. He was telling me how good it feels to have an orgasm from having sex, and that it’s way better than when you give yourself one from masturbating. It kind of made me feel bad
’cause I was masturbating while he was telling me all that stuff.”

So what is the furthest you’ve gone with fooling around, Aubrey?
“I went out with this guy for like a month, and I gave him a blow job. It was one night when I had snuck out of my house. We were
in his car. He said that I gave really good head, especially for someone who had never done it before. I guess I’m a natural! He really wanted to eat me out and fuck me, too. But I didn’t let him. I don’t know. I just didn’t want to do all that in a small, uncomfortable,
cramped car. And I didn’t really like him that much anyway. I really want to lose my virginity, just not to him. He was kind of
an asshole. I think I’ll wait till I meet a nicer guy to finally try having sex.”

Tight Delight

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