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Wanton At Work

Wanton At Work

Tell us about your job, Emily.

“I’m in charge of the video archive at my college’s library. We have old movies and documentaries and stuff like that. It can get pretty slow here, so sometimes I need to distract myself. Usually it’s by going on the Internet, but sometimes when it’s late and there’s no one around, I’ll rub one out in the archive room. Since my job isn’t very exciting my mind tends to wander a lot, and I start thinking about sex. Then I get horny and I have to do something about it!”

Has anyone ever caught you before?

“I almost got caught once. Actually, I think the guy totally knew what I was doing, but pretended he didn’t to save us both the embarrassment. I was hiding between two aisles all the way in the back, doing my thing and rubbing my pussy. I was so into it that I didn’t hear one of my coworkers walk in to put back some movies. I know I must’ve been moaning, and I have no idea how long he was in there or what he heard. But right before I was about to cum I heard him cough and I totally freaked out. Good thing I was wearing a skirt, so I was able to pull my panties up quickly.”

Then what happened?

“Literally like, a second after I stood up and pulled up my panties, he turned the corner into the aisle where I was. I tried to play it off like I was just putting back videos, but it totally smelled like pussy back there. He had to have smelled it. But he never said anything to me about it. Although I have noticed that he’s been paying a lot more attention to me lately and giving me more compliments. A part of me is embarrassed, but another part of me is so turned on.”

Turned on because you want him to watch you masturbate?

“Yeah, I think so! At first I was embarrassed because I was doing something scandalous that I shouldn’t have been doing, and I almost got caught. But once I got over that, I started imagining what it would’ve been like if he had been listening to me the whole time. It really made me horny to think of him standing in the aisle next to me, listening to my moans and touching his dick. The more I think about it, the more I wouldn’t mind putting on a little show for him. It’s so naughty! I’ve even thought of masturbating more obviously so that he does catch me. It’s a super gutsy move, but I might just try it.”

Wanton At Work

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