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Your Flattie Dreamgirl

Your Flattie Dreamgirl

Kelli, what’s the best thing about having a flat chest?

“That I don’t have to wear a bra and I’ll never have to worry about having saggy boobs! I know everyone makes a big deal about big boobs, but I’m proud to be a member of the itty-bitty titty committee. Guys always look excited when they first see my tits when we’re fooling around. They go right for my nipples, and I love it because they’re so sensitive.”

Do you like it when guys cum all over your flat chest?

“I do like that. It’s fun, but it’s not my absolute favorite place for a guy to cum. To be honest, I really like it when a guy cums inside me and gives me a creampie. Of course I don’t do that with too many guys, only the ones I really trust. But it’s the best to be fucking hard, then feel the guy tense up and know that he’s about to blow his load inside of you. His cock gets really hard, he starts pounding really hard, and then I can feel his dick throbbing and all his creamy cum shooting up inside of me.”

That’s something we don’t hear often.

“[Laughs] I bet! I got into it because I dated this one guy who was all about it. He just loved to pop nuts inside my pussy and watch it drip out. Then I realized that I really like it when a guy cums inside me, too. It’s just so naughty! After he’d creampie me the first time we’d always go to the shower for round two!”

So you like creampies ’cause they’re so naughty?

“Yeah, and they’re raunchy. Plus condoms kind of suck, but I know they’re a necessary evil. I just like the way a dick feels going into my pussy with nothing on it. Just flesh against flesh. The guys really seem to like it, and the more excited they get, the more excited I get. And as I said, it’s not something I do with every guy. So when I meet someone who’s special enough I get really horny thinking about the creampies to come!”

Your Flattie Dreamgirl

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