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In the tush!

In the tush!

Tell us about yourself, Taylor.
“I’m a movie buff and a people watcher. I love to cook, too. But that’s boring stuff. You want to know about my horny side, right? For starters I rarely wear panties. I like to go commando. And my biggest sexual fantasies are to have sex everywhere and make my man role play with me.”

A little birdie told us you had a lot of fun on a recent camping trip, Taylor.
“I did! I went on a camping trip with two guys, and we ended up having a threesome. I let them do whatever they wanted with me, and I loved it. It’s really hot to feel two mouths on you at the same time. One guy was sucking my tits and the other was eating me out, and it really brought me
over the edge. I got so horny I let one of them do me in the ass. Now I’m hooked on anal sex!”

How many times have you had anal sex?
“I love it, but I’ve only had it a few times. I’m sure there will be plenty of it in my future. Now when I masturbate I almost always put a toy in
my ass. I think once I’ve mastered anal I’ll be ready to try DP. I’m willing to try just about anything when it comes to sex.”

In the tush!

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