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Lezzie Lesson

Lezzie Lesson

Welcome back, Allison! Now who’s this cute chick you’re getting naked with?
“Her name is Keegan and she’s a friend of mine from class. She’s helping me study and giving me advice about school. She’s a junior, and I just started college so I could use all the help I can get! And not just with studying either. She’s pretty good at helping me get off, too. I’d never fooled around with a girl, but she has, and she showed me it can be a lot of fun! Now after our study dates we always do lots of titty-sucking, making out and oral. It’s great, but it makes it hard to focus on the assignment. The whole time I want to get through it so we can fool around.”

So Keegan, are you a full-time lezzie or a part-time one?
“I guess you could say I’m a part-time one, ’cause I like guys and girls. Girls like Allison are so much fun to play with. When I first saw her in class I knew I had to get a taste of her. So I went up to her and started a conversation, and things just kept going from there. The first time I helped her study I asked if she’d ever been with a girl before. She hadn’t, but now I think I have her hooked on pussy! That always happens when girls find out how good other girls can eat pussy.”

Allison, what do you like the most about fooling around with a girl?
“I love how soft their bodies are and how their pussy tastes and smells. It’s so sweet! Keegan is also a great kisser. It’s a lot of fun to play with a pair of tits and a pussy that don’t belong to me, too!”

Lezzie Lesson

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